AMD processor with Nvidia graphics card?

Alles rund um AMD CPUs findet hier seinen Platz

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Re: AMD processor with Nvidia graphics card?

Beitragvon Joyrider » 27.11.2017, 18:39

jensenbreck hat geschrieben:I'm leaning towards an 1070 now because of the benchmarks that i saw on a lot of reviews but i want to stick with an AMD processor and probably an AMD motherboard. Only problem is i don't know if they're compatible.

AMD CPU and NVIDIA graphics is compatible.

And also, if i want to use two way SLI in the future, do i need to change motherboards even if the AMD socket motherboard supports two way SLI?

If the motherboard is capable of SLI (not crossfire!) it will work.

And next time try to write in german please, also don't add links in the first or second post, thank you.

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